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Posted:anybody seen these before? they seem a bit pricey at $35(us) or $45 for the cool FX one, but they say they are nearly indestructable, and you can drive over them with a car and they still work (of course it might put a dent in your nogin as well)

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Posted:yeah ive seen em.....their itty bitty, like a bit smaller than a 4 inch glowstick.....
if you could find a 6 or an 8inch one then id be interested, and the cap comes off so you could try to spin it but itd prolly break..the tube is supposed to be indestructable, not the ring or the holder

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Posted:little, and rediculously expensive...

the website says that they are 2.75" by .75".. so about half a regualr size glowstik. i still have had no problems with the garrity fun-tastick lights that are at wal mart for $2.50 (or free )
just get the clear vinyl tubing at a home depot and stuff them in there..

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Posted:you can buy them here in south africa for R150.00, which is about $20.

they are about 1/2 the size of a reular glow stick, but a bit heavier and brighter (at least the green and blue), though you don't get the diffuse light of a glow stick. I have 4 of them and love them and use them for lots of things besides poi.

they really are tough as nails. I've not seen any other LED product so well suited for spinning. I've had mine for about 8 months now and spun with them lots and still not had to replace the batteries (though the yellow is starting to get dimmer). the batteries are quite cheap too.

Two downsides to them though - 1) they can whack the cr@p out of your knuckles, wrists, shins and skulls (once even split the skin on my cheekbone). I have put some large diameter surgical tubing over them to prevent this (as per what Jon said), which was a simple and effective solution. They aern't nearly so dangerous now. 2) The hole at the top for connecting them to things is small and so you can only use small diameter key rings for connecting. The force of spinning often stretches this size ring beyond its ability to keep its shape. You can, however, find small key rings made of stonrger spring steel that will hold up, or switch to a small diameter abrasion resistant rope.

Like I said, they are as close to perfect as you will find in an LED product for spinning. they can take a hell of a beating and still perform like new. never had the cap come of while spinning either. Occasionally (every 15 minutes or so) one will turn itself off while spinning since the on off switch is built into the rod with the hole for the connector.


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Posted:thanks for the info,
i've been thinking for quite some time about making some sticks to spin and the idea that i come up with seemed very similar to the glo-toob , i had planned on using the same little battery, aluminum (or brass) and acrylic to make them but didnt know how much abuse they could really expect to take.

are the glo tubes cast? i mean does it look like a resin poured in around the leds and the aluminum tube inside?

i was thinking of turning out some nylon plugs poping them into some of that clear rubbery plastic type tube making the led unit and then pouring in a liquid resin around all the parts inside to shock proof them. that way the bottom end could be rounded the strait part stiff to protect the leds yet encased in plyable plastic to protect my nogin and the top turned metal so be smooth yet durable enfough to withstand a place for a ring to hook into...


of course i could also try to use a street light as a core, mod it to use the other type battery then cast it the way i descibed.. anyone got any broken ones i can fiddle with?

or i'll design something and someone else can foot the bill to manufacture it (hahaha)


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