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Posted:i don't believe that there is a concience soul outthere that hasn't been affected or touched by his piece- his life. the man is about peace love understanding forward thinking making the world a better place. with recent world activities the man is popping up all over again in words images and songs showing us all what is so simple PEACE. all in the world living as one. i watched come together twice tonight and heard an interview where he explains its as easy as starting in your own small community. 3 of my friends from high school are still missing from the wtc. still in that same high school i learned you can't end violence with violence. i don't want to see any more death and terror. i also don't know how to make such events not happen with out some drastic messures. i can see that if the world were living as one so many people would have their loved ones by i have a suggestion i would like to ask everyone to join me tues oct 9th in a celebration for john on his birthday - to celebrate his visionary dreamer self and IMAGINE oct 9 is also john's son sean's birthday. as ayoung man he lost his dad to violence. i'm so sure that his birhtday will be enhanced by this globel gathering of celebration a concentration on john energy.since we are all spread around the world i think celebrating this man and his dreams and great efforts at our on leisure and in our own way on oct 9 can only build spread and prolong the energythank you every one who can IMAGINEnow when your done you can do a dance for me cause its my birthday too
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much love peace and happinesssara------------------bring yoself cause you always need it.

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Posted:Nice one sara...alternatively, for those living in the electronica generation, you could attend Earthdance 12th & 13th October.http://www.earthdance.orgGive Peace A Dance!

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