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Posted:I was just outside treating the wicks on my DS with PVA to prevent fraying, and I had a blinding flash of the obvious.

We all know that the most dangerous part of our wicks is the exposed metal hardware. This is due to the speed at which metal tranfers the heat, causing near instant burns. So I thought to myself, that it made sense to cover the screws on my wicks with PVA as insulation against these types of burns.

This will only work on smaller metal parts like the screw on tube cores, or the nuts on the ends ot cathedral wicks. But these are the most dangerous parts of most wicks anyway.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this thought, or has tried this for themselves?

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Fire By Riz tm

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Posted:No I never tired that.The one time I did make non blind rigged wicks I welded a little "R" onto the bottom washers just to see how many fire dancers I could brand with my itnital in one evening . out of 7 people who used them I got 5 nice little brands but no one got a brand on the forehead .


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I like that idea better.

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Posted:LOL nice idea

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Posted:Get branded!! wow 5 of 7 I would make a killing selling thumb to shoulder kevlar arm sleeves.

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Posted:I use PVA glue on exposed metal but mainly to stop screws or bolts coming loose. I guess it probably does offer some additional protection to branding, good thought smile

oh course you could always come up with a design that doesn't have any exposed metal parts?

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