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Posted: Anyone know about the durability of these astro light thingies. They look pretty cool. These coco things look pretty good too.

Of course, none of it is designed with twirling in mind, so most of it stops working when you accidentally tangle the first time.


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Posted:Not tried either! Yet...

the astro light looks fairly tough from there though, but it's hard to tell eh - the coco one might be a bit dinky for spinning though



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Posted:DONOT get those coco thingies. they are shit. ive never used those, but i have used something similar. one hit and they're done. once the lense shatters or breaks off your done if you can find it because it breaks off in the metal part. not to mention they suck batteries up like no other. when the batteries get low they just dont get dim the LEDs stop flashing and you only get a bright red then maybe a dim blue. THEY SUCK, the classic ravin lights are good but you would need to reinforce the hell out of those! if you ever come across anything called streetlights, or a led stick that has a triblink, a strobe, and a normal setting, dont get those either. They do look cool as hell till you shatter them to pieces withen your first hour or two.

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Posted:lol i wish i'd have read this post b4 i bought those damn streetlights. Yea they do look really cool but even with the reenforcing "deflectors" they suck. Mine snapped in half withen the first week. I really want something else to buy though. Im tired of spending money on glowsticks all the time. How about those Krill lights Neon Husky sells?


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Posted:i am not really happy with my streetlights either.The strobe effect not only sucks battery but it also doesnt make nice complete "tracks" of light,the other 2 settings are not even worth mentioning.I was stupid to buy them i wanted beamers but the HOP shop was sold out so i settled for second best.shame on me

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Posted:CirRus.. get some Green Beamers so I can play with them! Yea, it's a shame that that happened to the Streetlights.. Maybe you can give them to me so I can salvage the parts and make my own monster LED invention! Muahaha.. But, anywho.. I am stuck on my death Poi for now, but if I find anything in the future that will be good for lighty spinny purposes, I will be sure to let you guys know.



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Posted:I have Thought about making a "LED Chains" but with using "High":)Electronicks.In electic Shops I have seen some Moduls Which makes LED 's light
Flash or have a normal light , U take such a Modul
And put in it sey hymmm 30 Led's ,U can split Modul aroud a chain and a Thing (with swiches on/off Flash) take in hand... Some Baterrie Too. And Vala
It shoud look like a LED Ropes... Any comment Welkom ____But not about my wrighting English

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