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Posted: i went out on saturday night to a club called cabbage which is in my area...(shame its only on once a month...but very much worth the wait)...i didnt think there was anyone in leeds except for a couple of people who twirled..but to my very ahppy surprise...there were about 10 people there atleast all twirling happily....funny thing is tho.....they came from never seen any of them was very cool...
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hopefully ill be able to meet up with them all again to share more ideas etc...*smiles n joy*sorry ill shurrup rambling now...
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Posted:GoaFire,I'll be at cabbage tomorrow night (my friends assure me it's on!). So if you or anyone else is about and sees me, say hello. Actually just say hello to everyone!I'm Dom. I'm the really tall guy with long blond hair. I'll probably be spinning beaming Poi, or me UV 'sock' Poi.Later all,Dom

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