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Posted:Does anyone know a good source for the little plastic beads that are in practice poi? I've been making my own with wheatberries or popcorn, or rice, or whatever grain is in my cupboard...

Also, what is the typical weight of practice poi?

I've tried my local art supply stores, but to no avail.



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Posted:yer i've been trying to find some clear plastic ones to make one LED poi with - figured they would defract the light nicely and offer some protection, not had much luck locating them, only place i found some online was a realy crappy website that didn't seem to work

Where abouts are you located? i'll be interested if you have any luck


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Posted:Only thing I can think of is to get some hackey sacks and cut em open. They usually have semi-transparent beads in em.

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Posted:use millet...or birdseed...much better feel, pretty 'cheep' (hee hee hee).

Most juggling balls (of the thud variety) use millet...

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Posted:Lentils work.

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