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Posted:um, this has prob. been covered before, but u know the practice poi that you make out of tennis balls, would it be possible to just coat the tennis balls in glow in the dark paint, so that all u have to do to charge them is put them under a light source for awhile? i dont know if this would work, or if the paint would come of or anything, but could u thenput a layer of glad wrap over them or something, i think im going to have to try this....

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Posted:go for this version. GlowInTheDark Juggling balls are not expensive and I think look much better then paint soaked tennis balls

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Posted:I painted some ribbons with glow in the dark paint and covered the tennis ball in them, it doesnt really work very well as the glow is not strong enough to be really visable when spinning. plus you have to expose them to STRONG light for a good 20 mins to get it to shine at all - or maybe it was just crap paint that i bought but all in all it looks better if you just buy soem cheap glow sticks if you cant afford proper balls.