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Posted:I've currently been twirling with staffs and have only just started poi's. With my staff's i put socks over them once i'm done twirling and there normally kept outside. Now that i've lit my pois up i'm not sure where to put them afterwards, especially if i'm dunking them again post twirl.

So i guess i have 2 questions..

1. Should i keep something over the wicks like socks
2. Is it okay leaving my sticks (or poi's) outside (not exposed to rain), a) if they are covered b) if they are not


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Posted:Just get some ziplock bags to put your wicks in. Should keep the smell and leakage to a minimum. That way, you can keep em outside or inside.

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Posted:Or you can put a carrier bag over the wick, give it a couple of twists round the wick base, pull remainder of bag over top, a couple more twists etc, etc; then secure with rubber bands.

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Posted:I always put mine away wet (Flynt think's I am silly - but that's what I do) and my wicks are in great shape. I keep em in a metal biscut tin.
I use ShellSolT as fuel, so smell really isn't an issue for me

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Posted:I find that a small ammo box is best,
just the right size, can hold 2 litres fuel, chains with fire heads, practice tennis ball heads, small fire extinguisher, damping off cloth and two sets of pliers.

measures aprox 12" x 18" x 12"
hard, fireproof, and the rubber seal around the lid keeps in the nasty fumes so the sane people will hug us and not make faces at the smell in our room


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Posted:made a mistake on the dimensions there, sorry its more like 12" x 6" x 7"


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Posted:I normally leave mine in my paint can....soaking with any extra fuel. I've had my wicks for a year and a half and they're still going strong

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