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Posted:i'm tryin to figure out some throw's but end up actually throwing them away from me. any tip's?

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Posted:Tangential velocity

Basicly a object spinning in a circle moves in the direction it's headed the moment you release it. So basicly you want to release your poi at the point in their circile (in a horizontal plane) where they are both horizontal.

Another method you can use is to sort of pull back on your poi right before release so they have momemntum opposite to the direction they are being released at. This helps to reduce the distance they go straight up I find.



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Posted:try doing ttn and pass one under your leg really slowly and let go thats how i learned then pregressivley get faster.

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Posted:humm, Aster. are you shure, i think you mean vertical rather than horisontal, letting go at any point on a horisontal plane would fly the poi a long way from you.

Virtua, just use one poiu and chuck it around, try and throw it upwards, get diffrent heights and speeds, just a timing thing like the rest.

Also if you give the handle a flick on the throw the poi will flip over faster. chains tend to flip anyway and socks dont unless you tie knots in the end but the extra flick sort of isolates the poi mid-air.

just chuck-em about a bit, weave throws are prolly the easiest, thrpough the leg double split throws are the hardest ive found, btb is actually suprisingly easy.


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Posted:I like going from forward butterfly, wrist wrap a poi and then throw under the wrist I just wrapped cause the wrap adds a little bit of confusion and it puts you into the perfect place to throw from.

Similarly rvs weave over head through is nice too. I read here somewhere (maybe do a search) that throws are easier if you weight your handles to be similar to what your head ways. Think it stops the handles flying like madmen.

I find the catch smoother if I throw and let 'em do at least one revolution. Feels lovely too.

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