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Posted:Hey everyone... I am doing poi since only a few mounths... I heard there would be possible to make coulored fire... Does anybody could tell me where I could find the nessesary informations to make some purple or green fire...

Thanking you in advance

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Posted:I do not know all the colours but adding pottassium makes it go purple.

However if you do a search for coloured flames you will see loads of posts.

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fire chains

they give u alot of info, just remember to mix your powders with an alcohol based liquid, or they dont work.

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Posted:quote: However if you do a search for coloured flames you will see loads of posts.
Loads of posts. Loads and loads and loads of posts.

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Posted:the idea of coloured flames is just too cool and too pretty. has anyone done it much? is it worth exploring?

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Posted:I haven't done it but I understand that the alcohol-based fuel you have to use is so weak, it's almost pointless. I once saw a pic of a colour flame on one poi and a regular kero flame on the other. The difference was astounding. I don't know where it is, but I think it was Mark P of this board that was hosting it somewhere.

But that's all explained, over and over and over again, in the old threads...


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Posted:my friend embedded the coloring in wax and dry coated the wicks with it. She used unpacked gunpowder and some sort of oxidiser (solidox maybe) to create a great bright color with colored smoke to boot. alot like fog, leaves good trails. only issue is its hot and can burn through the wire cages its put in. also you can't hit any hair or even come close

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