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Posted:Anyone know where I can get hold of a long type bag to hold a staff in?


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Posted:Try in the yellow pages under Martial Arts & Self-Defence- Equipment and Supplies.

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Posted:if you want to be a real fancy pants get a pool cue bag.


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Posted:Or, if it's less than 6 foot, get a didjereedoooooooo (I've neved known how to spell that) bag

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Posted:i used to use a fishing rod bag, but the plastic got all ratty!
the best long/ single-piece staff bag i've ever seen was a custom balck number made by a guitar bag maker. the back nylon looks totally the job with it! and no descernable soot marks!

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Posted:u thought about making your own?

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Posted:i use a telescope tripod bag for my 3 piece staffs, but then i do just like walking around with a telescope manufacturer's logo on my bag, it makes me feel like a proper science geek

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here is a design that I made. Ive changed the design from this picture, but you get the idea.


Picture of a design

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Posted:Flid you big poser, I reckon we should change your name to 'designer boy'. Quite an image change from your current name

My dad just bought a new didge and the bag is perfect size but dosent offer a lot of padding.

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Aish, if your after something other than just a bag to carry I sugggest you make it yourself, straight lines with a sewing machine is a piece of piss. If not then you got a bunch of tastey ways to carry your staffs now