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Posted:hey all,

have not seen movie as of yet? (i know unforgivable but ive been fencing since friday), but ive heard a few of the major themes and they promise to be as good as the previous trakcs on the earlier movie!!

does anyone know the track "Clubbed to Death" this is one of my favorite tunes to twirl to and has my one of my few proper routines that stay basically the same when performed again and again( we all know its almost impossible to stay the same).

Has anyone else played with this music at all?


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Posted:do you like popcorn?

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Posted:yeah I dont know the song you where talking or rather typing about but i know when i seen the matrix 2 i was sitting there during the big long dance seen just thinking aboput how good that would be to spin to!!!!

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Posted:The music in that dance scene was awesome!
Do you know what the name of the track is?




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Posted:There's a tune called "Teahouse" it's the drums from when Neo is fighting Seraph. Unfortunately it only goes for about 1 minute. I'm still looking into more tunes. The full name is:

June Reactor feat. Gocoo - Teahouse

A major highlight for me was sitting in the cinema and Neo picks up the pole with all the agents around him, and starts spinning. My friends lean round an whisper "Hey! You can do that stuff can't you?" Now all I have to do is learn the trick about how to knock people into buildings and plant the staff and run around people with it....

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Posted:agreed about the dance scene music..amazing...i was hoping in the weapon fight near the end he would pick up some sort of felxble weapon...meteors rope dart, something anything...hehe

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Posted:I twirl to Rob Dougan's Furious Angels, not the instrumental one in the film but the one with vocals as it starts off kinda slow, which I do one-handed to, then launches into fast and furious for the 2 handed stuff. I would recommend anything by this guy as it's all brilliant!

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Posted:i like popcorn



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Posted:I like popcorn...but only with salt on it...mmmsalty corn.

I'm trying my damnedest to remember the dance scene your all talking about but I can't!!! Must mean I need to go see it again :-)

btw Juno Reactor rock :-)


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Posted:the track from that party scene in the matrix...
fluke - zion



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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Ayellayen:
[QB] There's a tune called "Teahouse" it's the drums from when Neo is fighting Seraph. Unfortunately it only goes for about 1 minute. I'm still looking into more tunes. The full name is:

June Reactor feat. Gocoo - Teahouse

/QB]The name of the group is JUNO REACTOR. Pick up the album Bible of Dreams, its some of the best dance/spinning music ive heard...


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Posted:have been twirling to 'clubbed to death' for ages...its an awesome track.

any tips for similar sounding music? i love that haunted melancolic sound.

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Posted:cheers for that ppl, i went and saw the movie last night with my bro, he is a twirler as well, if only just starting out. The dance scene music was awesome, did neone else see the random dude in teh middle of the dance twirling away,HOW JEALOUS AM I!!!!! and as for when he started twirling with the pole, u hear all the ppl behind say things like "Cool" or "wow" or just a big "sighhh" and u can sit there quietly thinking, "yeah i can do that" neway...cheers for hte song name!

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Posted:Yes Matrix Reloaded is nice, but I've been enjoying the Animatrix soundtrack lately, esp the first and seventh tracks. The first track brings to mind images of some beast that is running on all fours, searching. it's only purpose is to search endlessly thru differing terrains. It takes no notice of the world around it, as it's totaly consumed with this search. Very enspiring to spin on the walk around a local park.

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