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Posted:Has anybody else been spinning at altitude?? I am living in La Paz at the moment...which is at about 3500m....and the problem is that there is not so much oxygen at this altitude...and I have tried spinning with some fuel soon as I have any speed the flame goes out...due to lack of oxygen I assume...

so the question is, has anybody else tried this at altidue, and if so what sort of fuel were you using. I have never used white spirit or petrol (gasoline) but I am wondering if with there being less oxygen around to make these things burn, what happens to flash points etc??? Should I try a mix of kerosene (lamp oil) and something a whole lot more flammable to see what happens??

Or should I try pure white spirit??

I am going to experiment, but any help greatly appreciated!!

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Posted:Hey Foobaa, no idea about what fuel, but good to have you back on the boards

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Posted:Well right now i'm on COlorado Springs (6500 feet= 2000 m)
and Havent seen/had any problems.. ALthough me and most people I know use White gas/ lamp oil...

I would try white gas and see how that works out for you.

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