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could you give me a bit more detail about how yuo made your poi? I have currently got a tennis ball with a bloody big ring in the end of it tied to a piece of bright yellow nylon string. very unattractive and not that comfortable. Yours sounds liek they could eb a lot better especially with the swivel. Do you have a swivel on both ends of just at the bottom?

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Posted:I heard ya I heard ya... two posts and an email hunny.. I can't fail to hear you..

Err.. my latest set of poi.. are made out of heavy duty (thick denier) tights.. they are red purple and black strips... ok.. I've cut each leg off at the thigh..put a juggling ball in each toe.. taken a split ring and fed the top of thights thru and folded it over one side of the split ring.. secure with heavy duty cable tie (those platic strips that once you do them up you can't undo them - like riot handcuffs) first check that the length is ok for you - I like my poi to be slightly shorter than my arms (so buzz saws are possible without too much shortening) as soon as you got the length, secure the cable tie and cut off the excess plastic. then take the excess tight material and tie knots around the cable tie to hide it.. attach a small fishing swivel to the split ring - I think mine are up to 120lbs for pike fishing.. then I attached my home made double loop handles.. voila..

hope that is clear enough to understand... if not let me know and I'll get some pictures or something..

Just thought - if you don't like the ring in your tennis balls.. take them out.. get a shoe lace and a chopstick.. thread the shoe lace right thru the center of the tennis ball both sides.. then tie the ends of the shoe lace together and secure with a couple of knots and if you have some, some hot glue gun glue.. this will make sure the knots don't slip.. then all you have to do is secure our poi string to the balls.. I find doin it that way you don't get hurt as much.. if you want to be anal about things, like me.. you could actually attach a swivel between the shoelace and the poi string.. you may also need one at the top of the string befor any handles you may want to attach - but that may be a little unnecessary - depends what cord/ string you are using.. I recommend round shoe laces or leight weight climbing rope..
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