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Posted:Greetings! does anyone have any good way to burn off the excess wick that they hold even though you arnt burning them? like if i soaked them in ethanol and burned them would it remove the excess fuel, mainly the smell, so that i can fly wiht them safely without being smelly? i know they wont let me on a plane if they smell of fuel but if i could burn that off beforehand.....
any help would be appreciated!


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Posted:I found this out when I was recently travelling to North Carolina. Perhaps this can help you. here

Otherwise, the fuel smell stays pretty well.
Other suggestions from the past have been:

Hang them outside

maybe actually wash them with oxy clean in a tub outdoors? Make sure they are thoroughly dry and without residue before lighting up again.

Spray with febreeze (this one stuck me as funny for some reason )

Rinse with water and let air dry

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