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Posted:ok, so i have a pair of small cathedral wicks that i got to start out. they were the absolute cheapest ones i could find anywhere, and they certainly are representative of the price.
now i want something better (of course), but there's so many different web sites and i keep finding new ones and different options that i can't keep track of it all.
i'm trying to decide between the monkey fist ones at hop or buying or building bigger cathedrals.
my concern is that the monkeyfist ones have been described as very heavy. would they be heavier than big cathedrals? (i know big is a loose term)

i have beamers and they don't feel too heavy.
aprox how heavy are fueled monkey fists?
and if anyone has a pair of wicks they got somewhere and absolutely love feel free to share...

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Posted:Why don't stores give a weight for poi heads dry and soaked (Hint hint)



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Posted:I recently got some 3.5" monkey fist cable poi from renegade in california (
They are sooo much fun, like 2meteors whizzing round ur head well recommended.
They are reeely heavy when loaded tho...

rats, foiled again...


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Posted:I've got monkeyfists and I love them. They are bigger and heavier than most other poi and obviously this makes a difference to people used to lighter poi (however I only use hevier poi). Couldn't give you a weight estimate though, sorry. Heavier means more fuel, so burn time on them is really nice.


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Posted:the "giant cathedral head" poi sold on this site are quite heavy (about 250g iirc), and soak upto about half a pint of fuel, so say 250g of fuel. Impressive burn time (longer than i can perform for without having a heart attack) and huge flames. I bought em with ball chain, but i changed this for normal chain, which imho both looks better and is lighter.

Whilst i like big flames etc, i don't really like the weight of the poi. I'm not exactly muscular and i find that I can go a lot faster with more precision using lighter poi. These ones are heavy enough for me so that if i do something like a 720 degree turning weave, when i want to change direction they often pull me through an extra 90 degrees because i can't slow them down fast enough.

i've yet to try the monkeyfist ones, they will probably be my next purchase, provided that i can afford this months rent....


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Posted:Agreed flid, they are quite heavy.

When I first got mine I remember thinking to myself " these are so heavy I don't know if I could use em ". What I did was to make my practice poi much heavier so I could get used to the weight. Didn't take long. I don't find them heavy anymore.... in fact I find smaller ones to be much too light.

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Posted:What are these "monkey fist" poi?

I just got a second fire set, the one's where it's just kevlar wrapped around a wood doweling. the older set I had was huge and heavy, they had nearly 1 metre of kevlar in each, in the "fan fold" design with a screw holding it together.

So I've decided to rip it apart, make two smaller wicks out of each, and use cable to build extensions, so I have double wick poi...

does that make sense? Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use to connect the screw in the wick to the cable?



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