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Posted:Hey guys... I've been spinning diabolo's for quite a while and I feel the need to add a new element. It seems to me that fire is the next step! I'm reluctant to buy a Fire Diabolo because twirling/spinning should be fun, and draining my pockets puts a dampner on things. I have heard it is possible to make them, but I wouldn't have a clue how to start! Any ideas?

Thanks people!

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Posted:They aren't that expensive..! And if you buy you're fairly certain to get a good quality one...

But if you do make one, don't forget to get fire resistant string. Something people forget... the first time, anyway...

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Total posts: 8 want to check the spelling on that) has a fine assortment of fire dioblos. if you don't want to buy one the pics may give you some idias.

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