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I was thinking about this. There is some pretty awesome tricks done with a lasso. Why not take a kevlar rope and soak it with kero and light it on fire and so some lasso tricks? I think im going to buy some cord and make a lasso and see what I can learn and someday make a fire version.

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i'm quite suprise bearclaw dont make any. i just checked.
good idea dude. PK.

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Funny, I just saw a pretty cool lasso show on friday night. Ok, it was part of a bigger retro burlesque show but I was actually more impressed by the lasso-in' than... well actually, maybe the boobs were better but the lasso was kickass none-the-less.

Somehow I felt that it was somehow a similar feel to what we do. The tricks were radically different but somehow related.

Then again, lassoing someone with a flaming lasso could be bad. Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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Lasso work is hard and quite involved. There are alot of sites available on it. The easiest way to achieve this for fire though is to have braided Kevlar for the loop, as it will stay lit longer, allowing for more tricks. Shift to using a leather handle as well, that way in case something goes wrong, your hand has protection.

We designed ours with medium thickness Kevlar rope into a tight braid. We don't have the slip knot effect for tightening down on something because you have to untie it once it is lasso-ed. Doing that with a flamey loop is not a comfortable thought.

We actually wrapped the "handle" with leather (in a way similar to Dangerboy's whip design).
The making it is not the hard part, the learning the moves fluidly is.

There is a fire circus that uses mainly ropes, and I know they had lasso's in the if only I can remeber their name. It was a few years ago since I was inspired by them.

And NYC...with leather and good aim, nothing is an issue!

There are limitless amounts of toys. Bearclaw has a minute fraction of what can be done with fire, with enough thought and ingenuity!
Hope this helps! Pele
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Imagine this only on fire.

and uh imagine the horse isn't panicking, throwing dick cory off and getting entangled in the lasso and burning it's self badly. Because it is a robot horse.