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Mr Potato Head

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Posted:Hey all,
Does anyone know of any masks or such that reduce the amount of toxic fumes inhaled whilst twirling???
i was thinkig simple and along the lines of wet handkerchef or bandana wrapped round mouth and nose.... anyone????

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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:The spaces between the woven threads on a bandana look like the entire state of Colorado to a molecule of kero. That won't filter out very much.

Stay upwind, keep your dump covered as much as possible, don't breathe during your spin off, and don't hang out near open fuel any more than you have to.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Yes mike but it's not the knit of the fibres that makes wet cloth a filter it's the water which makes for much much smaller gaps and "catch" particles. The actual material just acts as a way to hold it.

Im not sure how effective it is but damp cloth definatly does have filtering qualities.


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Posted:The best idea is to get the MSDS sheet from your fuel supplier (supermarket, hardware store or petrochemical wholesaler...)

Then take it in to a workplace safety store and they may be able to suggest exactly what would be best to stop and what isn't required.

As far as I now, no-one ahs ever done this before and it would be excellent knowledge to have...

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Posted:I've been thinking about this more and more recently. Last night I went out for a burn and after I could hardly breathe for phlem on my chest. I am in dire need of a mask to protect myself from the smoke. I thought maybe a mask that cyclists wear for protection against petrol/deisel fumes would work.

I'll keep you posted s to what I find.

Thoughts anyone?

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Posted:quote: Last night I went out for a burn and after I could hardly breathe for phlem on my chest. ahh yes, my crew had a burn last night as well, and I went to bed constantly clearning my throat - it something that is really noticeable after a burn sometimes.

good thoughts on the bicycle mask thistle - let us know if you investigate this option, would love to hear more....

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