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Posted:How are the beamers for juggling? Anyone tried? They're cheaper (and apparently more robust) than the aerotech thingies. Damn aerotech... so nice, but I can only afford about one ball... *sigh*.
...Staff maybe, at some point, if I save up...

Anyway, back to the point, yeah, can you take the bits off so they're just balls? Have you (Malcolm) thought of selling them as just balls?

I know you can get them individually in the shop, but they have rings attached...

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Posted:Ooops forgot to add them to the new shop.
See here

I am a bit of a juggler myself. I found them hard to juggle at first because I was used to having a good grip on the outside of the balls I juggle.

Beaming Balls are ABS plastic which can feel strange and slippery for a while. Batteries take a beating when droped on the end cap .

Once you get used to them they are great for contact juggling and general juggling with spins and rolls. Because of their hardness when two balls colide in mid-flight they tend to shoot off in opposite directions away from your open hands (but my fault for not doing a good throw)



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Posted:My wife is a bit of a juggler.

She just got these great LED lit balls for $20 AUD each. Like a crocheted(sp) ball full of clear/white beads and a LED.

They are designed to be used as hakey sacks, so they are soft and take the impact of dropping OK. They come in Red, white, orange, green and blue. We got em from Juggleart . They dont appear on their website, but email them and they should be able to help you out.

EDIT: Here is a picture of em

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Posted:If you already have beaming poi you can take the ring and the ring connector off the ball though I wouldn't recommend taking the little threaded rod out of it if you still plan on using your beamers as poi as well.
Also you should check out web page They have some lighted balls made specifically for juggling so you should check there.
Though if I were you I would save and get the Aerotech's.




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Posted:Sorry I'm a dumbass.
If you click on web page on my last post it will take you to seriousjuggling.com.
So what are you waiting for,click on web page.