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Posted:Just openned up a new 4 litre container of paraffin ready to soak my chains for a bit of a play tonight, to find that it is yellow.

According to the side label, this is because the nice people in the EC have decided that we might try to smuggle it across boarders, which is naughty, and the marker makes it easier to detect.

2 questions:

1) Does this yellow dye ("Euromarker") affect the MSDS of the stuff?
2) Will this lovely dye stain my clothes?

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Posted:Hi flid,

I am not sure about the staining but all you breathers out there be warned the stuff tastes B***** Aweful

Not sure as to the MSDS side but I am sure as hell going to use pump paraffin for breathing from now on.



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Posted:I wondered what that was - it looks vaguely like urine now. Quite disconcerting if you're not expecting it.


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Posted:I noticed that yesterday when I had a burn - I just thought the bulb in my torch was on the way out.
While it's nice to know I don't need new batteries, I'm curious to know how much paraffin smuggling there is across Europe for the dye to be needed

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Posted:that blue/pinkypurple colored paraffin is well nasty too, not seen the yellow stuff.


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