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Posted:Well, I've been up until now skimming by without insurance. The circus I've been working with has been kind enuff to cover me under their insurance.. But thats from a company that's going to charge me $2000 for a year of coverage, and that would be more than I can anticipate making in a year without quitting my other job and chasing gigs full-time.

So my question goes out to any Canadian fire-performers out there. Where are you getting your coverage? How much is it costing you?

Or, how much does it cost for fire-performers in other countries? I know Clowns of America has fire-performance insurance, but they don't cover me in Canada.

What to do?

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Posted:Talk to Rick Gladwin or Ivan (they are in meet others from Nova Scotia).
Somehow they worked out with either Clowns of America or Clowns of the U.S. for coverage, but they had to have me as a U.S. contact/reference point first.
I've seen insurace go from (now that the rates are raised) $125 for 2-3 million in coverage on up into the thousands of dollars for multiple millions and really extensive coverage. There are alot of deals out there but they are the kind that when it comes time to cash in on, you have to really fight for your coverage.

Hope this helps in the smallest way. Good Luck!

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I use clowns of the us it is 145 per year
for 2 million in coverage i dont know if they cover for canada or not. but here is their contact info. might be worth a phone call or email to find out
Clowns of the U.S.
7732 Cayenne Plaza West
Woodbury, MN 55125
Fax: 651-501-2988
Phone: 651-738-0280

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Posted:Try that might help

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Posted:Thanks guys! That helps a lot!



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