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Posted:Just thought I'd share this with y'all...
If you go on to E-bay there's a company called DTM15 selling stix quite cheaply. They aren't too bad (i've already bought some - glow nice and bright and last, the top plastic loop breaks quite easily but there's a second stronger one) and even come with string.
Initially it looks like they're 45p each (10 for 4.50) but there's a hefty "packing" charge of 3 odd per 10. However this still works out at about 75p per stick (cheaper if you buy more, I paid about 71p) which compared to the 2.50 that you pay in camping shops is quite good really.

They've come on sale at least 4 times now so I think they're quite a regular feature. Just search for "Glowsticks".
One word of warning though, the company can be slow to respond sometimes and seem quite errrr, "efficient" in their e-mails (Some would call it blunt, rude and insulting ). But they are good to there word and they did all arrive. They didn't quite get my specific colours right but close enough.

Anyway - just thought I'd share that with you

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Posted:Thanks, I'm always on the lookout for glowstick suppliers!
Another good company is Altereglow - If you buy over fifty, it works out at about the same price (70p-ish per stick), and I've never had any problems with colours. They're also really quick with the delivery - my last lot came in two working days!


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Posted:Bit more pricey but free delivery which might make a difference .

these are the people I use . very reliable .

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