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Found this at Home Depot (US chain store), wondering if anybody can rate its quality as a wick fuel.

Exxon Clearlite Heater Fuel
"No Kerosene Odor"
"Cleaner Burning: less soot and smoke than kerosene"
"Safer to use and store than kerosene"
"synthetic fuel for listed Kerosene-fire portable heaters and room heaters 13km"
"Classified UL"
"contains less sulfur and aromatics than kerosene"
"fewer emissions and no kerosene odor"

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Just for the heck of it, here is some info on the Clearlite.

How big of a container is it?
What is the price tag? (found a website that said $8/gallon)

Haven't been able to find an MSDS sheet on it, yet.

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Quan/Foxfire Any company or individual selling fuels MUST have or get a copy of its MSDS sheet for you.

It is a legal requirement of sale.

This doesn't mean that they know their legal obligations so ask them or even ring Exxon direct and get them to fax one through with you.

Personally, I would never rely on any information received over a bulletin board about fuels and their composotins, as these can change from country to country.

And people can forget things or get fuels mixed up in their heads (nobodys perfect).

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Just trying to find some info for him.

Exxon's website didn't seem to have an MSDS sheet on it, so I e-mailed them for it (figured I'd try that before calling long distance). When I get it, I'll put it where ya can get a copy. Always like to have those handy, just in case.

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MSDS Search

Hit that site, do a search for " CXY24 ". Clearlite, as near as i can tell, is a non aerosol version of klean strip... a hardcore paint and chem thinner, burns good and clean, but, toxic as all hell.

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i tried clearlite tonight. got it at home depot. burns nice. kinda quick. it was windy outside though. i like citro better. and the fact that it causes brain damage and neural damage doesnt help much. it says it on the jug. i only got it cuz i NEEDED some fuel to show this dope Filipina chick. i wouldnt recommend it though. just the fact that it has ALL sorts of warnings on the back scares hades outa me. =>(edit) oh, and it cost me seven bucks and change for a gallon.

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