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Posted:does anyone know where i can get some small uv lights to make my comet poi look all pretty and bright??? maybe ebay???

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Posted:Depends where you live and what you're after. UV tubes are quite common in specialist lighting or gadget shops. If you're after small uv lights to place on the end of your poi to illumnate them then I've never seen anything safe, spinable and adequate for this.

Hope that helped.


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Posted:The Home of Poi shop sells them I believe. Not the big tubes but nice screw in ones....
The bigger ones seem to go for around 119 for the tube style or 200 for the bigger "street-light" varieties.
If you're lucky they occasionally come on sale on Ebay or such like and go for about 80 but don't seem to come up very often at all.
Depending what you want it for - we managed to rent 2 from "Dance2 Records" for about 6 each (with a 40 returned deposit) for a night...
Hope this helps - I'm not sure where you are though.

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Posted:If you can find a military base anywhere nearby, I know that the U.S. Military has UV Glowsticks. So just find someone who work there to try and snatch a few. I used to have a whole box, but gave them away.
However I doubt you want a set of UV's. They are useless without a UV Filter. Mabey you could get a neet pic with the right film and filter, but otherwise don't bother. What it sounds like you are asking for is a blacklight something or other, but I have no idea about that one.



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Posted:hi there
if you look at your local hardwear store in the lighting section they will most likly have screw in light bulbs that work as a black light all you have to do is put them in to a light socket. they are usuly edison screw bulbs.


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Posted:well thankies for my replies ....most interesting
i was looking for something sort of like a street light (sort of tall big and above me ) to durbs: im from good old cornwall (sw england) YAY

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Posted:hello you should get in contact with the Fluffy Napalm Fairy.. as she is nearly from your neck of the woods..

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Posted:Hey Sarah Jane

I used to live in Swansea and could pick up a 4ft UV tube and fitting for about 20pounds from the crappy electrical stall in the market. Think they had 2ft ones for about 15. Sure there must be something similar down your way??

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Posted:I don't know where to get them from, but I've seen people with UV LED units in clubs before. Try your local electronic component suppliers or places like the Gadget shop.

These are light enough to spin with and would look wicked if you put them inside uv-reactive Electroglow-style poi... (hmm.... maybe electroglow will do them if you ask nicely or you could replace the led's inside electroglow units with the UV led's)

Hope this helps.....

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Not big lights, but they're what walking_corpse is talking about (I think)

Oh, Be careful, though. Pure UV rays (which are emitted from this) are very bad for the eyes. Maybe you could wear 100% UVA & UVB protected sunglasses. Of course, that's not being very nice to your audience as you will be slowly blinding them, but...

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