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Hi there,I've been practicing poi for about two months now ( with tennis balls) I found it quite helpful since the weight helps you get momentum. Now, last week I tried doing the same moves with glowsticks, and I found it quite difficult. The main problem is that glowsticks are much ligther than my tennis balls, making it hard to to get the momentum going. So here is my questions for those experiecned people that do glowstring. Is there any way to add a little wight to the glowstciks. I thougth of putting some weight attached to the wickles? Or will I just have to get use to the ligth weigth and try to get the momenut going back again?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I find it interesting when fire people who are WAY better than me suddenly pick up glowsticks and suck. I can honestly do every trick that I know on both, just as easily.

I was thinking about this yesterday actually...

I think some fire people learn to use the weight to help them with tricks. Once that weight is gone their "crutch" is gone. The opposite is true with people who only use glowsticks: Once they add weight and slow down spining, some of the "tricks" that they used (like using the momentum to finish a trick) don't work.

My advise is to learn on both. I think it gives you a different perspective/ability if you can pick up glowsticks or heavy poi and do the same stuff.

If you really want to just weight glowsticks you can:
1) Use your chains with glowsticks (they will add some weight)
2) Add multiple glowsticks.
3) Attatch glowsticks to your unlit fire wicks.
4) Literally add a weight (quicklinks or something) but they can HURT if you hit yourself with them!

Now I'm curious... I'm gonna go post a new one to see what the demographics are...

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The only thing that I can do better on glowsticks than with practice or fire poi is stop wraps. The lightness combined with the use of shoelaces to spin glowsticks makes them slide easier and unwrap faster. Now on momentum wraps like neck wraps or body orientation changes but not direction of spin changes I find heavier poi better than light to keep the momentum going. In general they're both the same for me though.

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I learned on glowsticks for 2 years before even hearing about spinning fire, so guess what... I use glowsticks a lot for practice.

That being said, I can tell you that there is no need to slow down with glowsticks, in fact once you get the timing down, you can go faster. The weight of the fire Poi eventually gets you to a point where you just can't throw them around as quickely, where as with glowsticks you arn't limited to that. I can get glowsticks going fast enough that the rope (Spectra cord, since I had a set of shoestring snap) I use whistles.

Basic hints for using glowsticks over Poi...

1. Your hand have to be further out in from of the move you are doing, since the sticks are always playing catchup.

2. Wraps are easier, and safe since you don't have to worry about catching your face on fire. Neck wraps in particular, and anything where you want to stall them out for a while.

3. Some neet tricks can be done I would be cautious about using fire... Like a double butterfly (a one handed butterfly in each hand), and a two person butterfly (where each person makes up half of one)

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for good things to weight down poi and for spinny things to stop tangles.. go to your local fishing shop.. (not fly fishing unless you want loads of pretty fluffy things) voila! lots of heavy duty split rings, swivel and little lead weights..

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Have you ever actually *used* fishing weights, Stix? I have. Even wrapped in quite a bit of foam padding, they hurt like hell when you hit yourself. I clocked myself in the head with one of these and almost knocked myself out.

Some kind of beanbag is ideal for weighting your practice poi. Beanie babies are cheap, fun, and accessible. Just wrap some baling wire into harnesses around 'em.

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I just attatch the glowstick to a keyring at the bottom of my tennis balls

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oh yeah they do tend to hurt a bit - forgot about that.. I use mine all the time tho.. you can always put a slit in tennis balls and use them as make shift money boxes..

another good idea for things to put stuff in - are the little draw string bags you get with washing powder blocks.. easy

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I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

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