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Posted:Okay before I go out and douse my countach full of this stuff Someone tell me if they have ever lit up with vegetable oil and what the heck it does to kevlar? I think it would smell like
an Indian house after a days worth of cooking, not to mention leave a residue

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Posted:Try a search on bio-diesel. That should turn up some info on vegy oils and stuff

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Posted:Vegetable oil by itself WILL NOT LIGHT. Traditional cooking vegetable oil we're talking about. It can be breathed but doens't work on kevlar. At least for me it didn't.

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Posted:Please clarify....so vegetable oil will ignite if one atomises it?? ( Like blows it out in a fine mist)

My suspicion, is that the Burning temperature is very high- and as it is thick, it does not burn out quickly enough, leaving droplets of boiling oil!

I will give this a bash, after practice to confirm that the oil can be blown finely enough!

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Posted:fireproof, tried regular veggie oil only i think in a mix with coleman's white gas naphtha, low flame and not long, probably does want to try for higher temp than it can get, did it in fair but not superhot weather outside in the summer, 10 AM in the morning.

tends to be thick, leave residue, not all burn off. . . like the scum left on the top of your stove from frying splatter? yuh? may block easy absorption of thinner fuels, may not be "cut" by them so easily, so don't recommend it, certainly not pure!

but it's reported as a fuel by some on various toys & breathing too, as is olive oil, ancient product, but not probably as bright or easy to catch flame as petrochems

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