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I just ordered some electroglo poi from this site and I was just wondering if anyone has them. I just want to know if they are very durable and how much they hurt when you hit your self with them thx.

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i was wondering the same thing. cmon guys. tell us how much its gonna hurt when we bash ourselves in the face.

From the makers of soylent green.

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The short answer is lots.

The slightly longer answer is that it's a stinging pain, rather than the crushing pain of beaming poi, but they still really hurt if you hit unprotected flesh at high speed.

They're well worth the risk though

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I'm really excited now! when I get them I'll put some pics up : )

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They are wicked. I have a green one and a red one. They do hurt a bit though. But like Bovril said it's a sting rather than a smash.

That said I've severely bruised my collar bone before now with them. And one time lost a nipple ring to one - now that brings new meanings to pain.

But getting hurt is all part of the learning process i think. How will you know your limitations if you dont explore your limits in the first place?

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I don't think they hurt that much if you hit yourself with the tubes (I've had more bruises from tennis balls).

However.... They are however very light and easy to spin very fast. I often forget that they are steel cable and most of the pain comes from whipping yourself with the cables.

No way near as fun as fire, but they'd good to practice with when you're home alone or drunk (very pretty infact after a night in the pub ). They also look, from a spectator point of view, apparently, better than fire as you can see the trails a lot more clearly. I'm told that watching first hand looks more like 1 second time lapse photography.

As for pictures, there's about 30 in my photo album . Personally I don't think the pictures look as good as fire.

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