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Posted:Hey guys, I'm doing a write up-waste-of-time-strange-thing-that-i-don't-understand on meteors for a friend about fire toys, but I can't find a pic of a meteor anywhere, and I don't really know what they hell it is myself, except that you spin a bowl of fuel?!?! Please help! I really would love to send him a pic....

Also, anyone know any other strange toys I could describe to her? I got the fire fingers, poi, staff, devil sticks, torches, whip, rope, blah blah blah, i'll be quiet now!


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Posted:I havn't looked at it for a while, but there's probably a few pictures of meteors in the definative meteor thread that's in the other toys section

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Posted:There's a whole book about meteors in the HOP Shop.

Plus i seem to remember 2 lads swinging them on COL. Could be wrong though as i haven't watched it for ages.

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Posted:I'll concede :

There's not enough pictures and/or videos of meteor swinging. I'm trying to get into it myself and I'm having a bitch of a time finding something visual. The Meteor book is rather simplistic with moves that any staff or poi twirler can master pretty easily, however, I've yet to see some original meteor movement. That and the few seconds of meteor swirling you see in CoL 1 is more frustrating than anything else. So if anyone has a good video clip, I'm interested !