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Posted:What up everybody. Hey is there anyway that I can spin my flames and not smell of fuel after I spin. Just curious. Thanx

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Posted:borrow dfqs rubber dress...that way the parafin simply rubs off! problem sorted!

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Posted:Shhhhhh UCOF leave the rubber dress out of this!

Paraffin/kero smells, meths smells too just it is a different smell. Ethanol is about the only fuel I have tried that dosent really smell but it is a lot weaker flame.

Basically learn to live with it (I believe everything I own now smells of paraffin!)

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Posted:DFQ has a rubber dress!!

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Posted:We use firewater from juggleart.com

Doesn't smell nearly as bad as any other product I've tried Is good, is really good.

And, I'm moving this over to Tech Discussion.

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Posted:If purchasing any non-commercially available product such as firewater, make sure you get and MSDS sheet for it.

You've got no idea what you might be breathing in or exposing your skin and membranes to otherwise.

I must admit to being surpised that pure kero (aviation fuel) has not been nentioned. It's much less smokey or smelly than normal kero, and doesn't have all the crappy additives in it.

Likewise, Lamp Oil is also used a lot a kero replacement for less smell. Some brands are smokier and smellier than others though.

Pegasol 3440 Special (NO OTHER TYPE OF PEGASOL!!!) is my fuel of choice. It is marginally more toxic than pure kero (by a few % only) and behaves almost exactly the same. The smoke is much cleaner and the fumes when burning are almost non-existant.

But, as with anything, get and MSDS sheet on it first, even if you have been using it for ages.

Hope this helps...

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Posted:Be carefull with the rubber clothing, Petrolium based products, especially fuels and solvents, distroy the chemical in rubber that gives it it's elasticity and therefor it's strength. PVC holds up better, but still has problems with heavy exposure. If you drop a rubber glove or a condom in kero or gasoline you can watch it swell up and become very fragile and delicate almost instantly, this is why there is a warning on latex condoms against using things like vasaline as a lubricant.

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Posted:So, in theory, a rubber suit exposed to fuel would... dry up, crack, and fall off? Hey DFQ do you do performances in Oklahoma?

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Posted:quote: SHELLSOL T [garbo]

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Posted:i use citronella exclusively. it farkin' reeks. spinning the excess off the wicks is the worst part, but then again, spinning off the excess of any fuel is gonna make you smell a tad bit nifty. use santa clause suits, i hear they do wonders for the ol' odor.

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Posted:i use white fuel and that doesn't seem to smell, jest dont get it on you! Coleman camping fuel is the brand i prefer. But put deodorant on!!!!

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