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i was wandering if anyone new any thing about the product pegasol 3440 special(Oldname)or solvent 3440 special (newname)

reason being this: about 3/4 weeks agothe priceof the old name was$NZ50.40. and now the new nameis priced at $NZ79 .

ive been told the price has been rising but this seems little exsive.

if you could telll me if these are the same products that would be great


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Sam. an easy way to find out if they are the same is to get the MSDS sheets for each fuel and compare them.

Any processed petrochemical being sold must have an MSDS sheet for it and it is usually illegal to not provide one if asked.

If the sheets are exactly the same, then the product eis either the same or has such similar properties that there will be no practical difference between the two.

Remember to check the ENTIRE sheet though, even if it's a bit heavy going.

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