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Posted: *product of an overactive imagination*

step one: obtain pair of virtual reality goggles.
step two: get a pair of those wicked little snake cameras used by swat teams and bank robbers in the movies. you know the ones.
step three: attach one camera to the left input of the VR goggles, and the other two the right.
step four: attach handles on the signal cables and put VR goggles on yer face.
step five: swing the Poi and trip right the hell out of your mind.

of all the ridiculous, impractical ideas I've ever had, I think I like this one the best.

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Do my poi look too small in this?
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Posted:That would make me vomit intensely


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Posted:If you vomited on your Poi, would the cameras picks that up too, so you would have motion and vomit all in the same visual experience...

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