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I just got my fire poi and ive bought some paraffin, but i think the paraffin ive got isnt too good for u (not that any is )
I was just wondering what paraffin people use (in the UK) and where to get it!



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Posted:Most fuels aren't that healthy, but some are more toxic than others. Stick with paraffin, the paraffin you get in petrol stations is almost pure. Just don't breathe in too many fumes.




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Posted:I get low odour stuff which is a bit better than using normal stuff.

If you can get it then do but generally paraffin (as dom said) is generally

not healthy and therefor finding stuf that is is very difficult.

stick with the stuff you god man. It tastes ok to, it aint that bad.



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Posted:I developed a lung condition a while ago from breathing in kerosene (paraffin) smoke too much. At that time I was twirling four nights a week and going through 10 litres a burn...not good for the lungs or the wallet.
I had coughing fits etc, and I'm a non smoker, never touched a ciggy in my life...Went to the doctor he gave me some blue liquid and told me to stop twirling or buy a face mask...so now when im not performing, just practicing, I use the face mask and try not to breath in any fumes...I'm much more careful than I once was...

I only spin with fire once or twice a week now to save my lungs. I practice every day tho unlit - an hour on staffs and then an hour on my unicycle.

On another note, rub moisturiser into your skin before a twirl, drink lots of water while your doing it, spit a lot while your doing it, and try not to get any in your eyes. To do this in performance, I do a routine where I'm blindfolded and do throws etc...try it.

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