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Posted:I have been ripping my hair out trying to find some where in Queensland that I can buy Kevlar wicking in bulk. If anyone can help, I would be greatly appreciated. I live on the Sunshine Coast if anyone knows of anywhere there that supplies it. Many many thanks, and have a wonderful day.

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Posted:Order from Juggleart.
Yes, I know they are based in Melbourne but they post free of charge throughout Australia and are very quick.
You just pay by credit card or whatever over the phone or do what I do and deposit the money straight into their account...Ive ordered probably 100 metres of wicking from them over the years for staffs I sell...

its around AU$28.00 for a metre of 2.5 inch, AU$21.00 for a mtr of 2" wick...

I love these guys (they rock) check out an online catalog @ .


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