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Posted:pardon the spelling..

does any one know where i can get smaller hoberman spheres??
i had an idea to attacher them on string and make crazy glowing growing poi..

heh heh.
i think to much

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back from the dead...sort of
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Posted:The only chain of stores where I know there are available is the It Store. I don't know if you'd have them where you are or not. Other than that you'd have to check any kooky independent toy stores that you can find.

Kevin Spencer
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Posted:check out any Spencer Gifts in your area...most spencers will carry them, but any Glow! store will.

or check out www.spencergifts.com

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Posted:i know there are keychain spheres, they might work. And there are some smaller (like 6-8 inch) spheres around.

i think hoberman has a website!

Peace,Travis IM: frodus17

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Posted:found it for you:
its a MICRO sphere, its about 3-4 inches, from the looks of it

Peace,Travis IM: frodus17


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Posted:there's a related thread you might want to check out here.

it has a pretty good idea for manually controlling them..

and uh, one of my first point less posts!

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