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Posted:I just started poi a week ago, and today I got tired of spinning socks around my head so I went to find something a little more interesting. I found something great at the local dollar store -- a pair of light-up yoyos for one dollar each, with batteries. These things already come with strings, they're designed to be knocked around, and they have four different colored LEDs ... very pretty.

The one annoyance was that I had to knock them every 45 seconds to make them light up. I pried up the circuit boards, attached a few wires, and now I can turn them on and off whenever I want. (In the computer world, this would be known as a Yo-Yo Mod.) I'm not sure how long these things will last, but at a dollar each, who cares?

I put on a little show for my family, and they loved the spinning lights. Plus, they thought the ocasional clonk of a yo-yo against my head was very amusing.


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Posted:Thats a wicked story. poi looks great with lights . My dad was like "what the hell are you doin that for" for ages untill one night he saw me spinnin fire and glow stix, and now he's spinnin and I've just made him his own practice poi.


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Posted:Same with me, spike. when I first picked up the poi my family thought I was headed to the circus, and for the first little while my new hobby was the family's dirty little secret. now that I'm half decent, the tone around home has changed and my dad is now showing me off to friends, relatives, stray cats, etc.



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Posted:yeah cool!! i'm going to have to try that !!! long live cheap toys!!!

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Posted:I saw another good idea at SpinJam last week. Someone had attached two of those little LED keychain thingies to each comet-tail poi. Made it look like there was a beaming poi inside the ball.

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