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Posted:This is kinda two things rolled into one because they kninda relate to each other.
the first is jumping moves ( which probably belongs in "poi moves" but the second bit is better here).. does anyone do any jumps while spinning poi?
i forst tried it the other day and the two main one i came up with, which are just reverse of each other are.

while spinning forward (works with most tricks i learnt it doing a normal 3bw) you move both to one side as if you were going to turn round and make a big up stroke with both poi, while at the same time jumping, in the air you turn move both poi over your head and land facing the oringinal way spinning forward again.

the other is the same but you make a big downstroke and swing the poi back round by your side.

does anyone else do this or anything similar? is it just a normal thing that everyone does....

which brings me onto my second point disconection.
i learnt poi from this site and have never really even seen other ppl do poi, the only ppl i know who do poi are ppl i have shown how. so i find i am somewhat disconected from "the poi world", i dont really know what is normal. which can in someway be a gd thing because it means my style is likely to be individual.
anyone know what im talking about?

wow, this post has got longer than i intended.

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Posted:I know what you mean but don't woory about it. I too learned basically from this site. Though there is a Poi community here I ain't really ben to enough nights to get to know folk. Takes me long time to speak to other folks.
So I basically poi on my own 95% of time and so do what you do. I feel shure that it must be a good way to develop your own style and variations of tricks.

Your jumps sound fine tho

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Posted:ahhh! let your style be distinct from everyone elses! being that you havent seen anyone else spin/dance really, im sure it will be. i also learned and started from HOP, but its weird, i didnt really begin to develop my own style until i met up with some other beginning HOP'ers.

of jumping moves i have particularly fond memories. i remember being at the beach with other spinners and i jumped, and that was the beginning of 'my' style. i dont really know how to explain any of the jumping moves i do anymore, but all are fun and bring many new elements and opportunities for spice into a performance. i have seen very few people include jumps and such into their performance however.

okay, i can try to describe one of my favorite jump moves. this is going to require that you are able to do a box butterfly, where you can just keep doing 360's and alternating from forward to reverse butterfly without hesitation. ... realize that is probably confusing... ack. but yes, begin forward butterfly, separate your right hand behind, jump and turn 360 to right, your left hand follows at around and when it gets to the reverse position, your right hand is already back on the original side in forward butterfly position again, then you complete at the end of the jump with your left hand coming around to meet at forward position again.

anyways. right? congrats if you were able to read all that. i know im always so interested in learning new things, but when i get 2 sentences in some poi move description, my attention falls off a rock fast asleep and i snap to realizing ive been staring at my monitor for 5 minutes.




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Posted:I really like your quote Shibaki.

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Posted:I understand how it is haveing a hard time spinning with others, Pozee and I have gotten together two or three times, I just met Spanky last night, other than those few times I have spun on my own.

I have seen people dance while spinning and then there is me who just spins (I'd say I have two left feet but it would be better to say I have no feet hehe). Adapt your own style, and enjoy it. Jump if you have to, me I like sitting an kneeling while spinning. *shrugs* be yourself bud.

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Posted:/realises he's in the presence of Shibaki and pulls out camera only to accidentally trip over some HoP furniture, breaking a HoP vase.
is that a leaping 360 weave described above?
if so, I'll throw in another angle at explaining it!

The leaping 360 weave is a combination of other moves
a)the 360 weave (the box weave? it looks like a cube when done smoothly) is:
1. fwd weave
2. ->transition: turn left or right 180
3. rev weave
4. ->transition: turn another 180 in same direction as step 2.
5. back to step 1
6. add 3 cups of sugar, mix well, leave to set, und keiner eier!
b)leap as you perform the transfers in steps 2, 4. leap in 6 if you want, but you're wacky if ya do!

leaping poi trix i can do:
- horizontal butterfuly to fwd handspring.
- fwd spin to fwd handspring.
- low wave to side ariel (never done with fire yet)
- leaping double and single leg tucks.

in terms of acrobatix, STAFF effin' rules. we have personal biases, and that is mine

... can i have your autograph man? damn I'm excited about yer work and i have not seen COL 3 or even Blade 3 yet! blade 2 is gross but nice:)

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Posted:hi i started poi bout 10 weeks ago for a suplement for bmx coz i ws involved in an accident that put me out of riden but i picked up my bros poi and started goin off i like jumping around and have based my own style on alot of moveing nd jumping now im pulling a 360 whilst weaving and eather put a oaver head butterfly or corkscrew in the middle of it and when i land i go back to weavin it ws my first jump trick apart from my jump oaer a horozontal butterfly

well i need to lern english


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Posted:cometh and visit our wednesday night our frankstonian matey. i promise I won't sing any cold chisel!

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Posted:Here is a jump move that looks fairly easy if you can already do jumps then it should be easy for you.

Get the butterfly going in a horizontal planee above your head and then bring it down to just below your knees and *jump* the poi as they come close to you then back into above the head butterfly.

Jim was over in Bath last night and can pull this one off very well.

Mark P


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Posted:Awesome suggestion Shibaki! I agree with you it seems as if not many other spinners jump around very much. I still am developing my style more in that direction.

Another move that you could try that I do..
Start walking/running forward doing a weave..right at the moment you jump up and spin your body, pass one of your poi behind you as if you were going to do a low wave. As you jump in the air, spin your body around, do half a windmill in the air and when you land again, you should be facing the same direction you were walking. Another variation would be to land either facing left or right, down on one knee. When you do this, you can do a double wrap on the leg you arent knelt down on. Wow how confusing sounding. If anyone followed that I give them mad props.

lol These damn poi descriptions..seems as if they are 10x harder to understand than they are to do...



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Posted:I love jumping around while spinning... It's just a matter of following the music and sometimes it involves jumping.... As to spinning with others, I've only spun with Pozee and it seems that instead of making you change your style by seeing others, you can just learn more moves and incorporate them into your style... It's all fun and learning


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Posted:I especialy like my patented Jump-spin double side kick 3beat weave, (even cooler with staff)

and the jump spin 360 Thread the Neadle.

Plus the regular "jump rope swing" 360 jump.

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Posted:There's a reasonable amount of jumping and air-time in COL3 too.

Just finished wtaching it last night, absiolutely awesome...

But I'd better back out of this thread now, as I don't do airtime yet...

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