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Posted:My best friend and I are helping out and participating in a "gong show" for a local radio station - we wanted to do some sort of script so that the people listning at home wouldnt feel left out. We aren't sure how to go about it to let people at home kinda know what we are doing - any ideas?

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Posted:gong show?

sounds like fun!!

what is it?

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Posted:is it like 'red faces'?

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Posted:get the mics right up to the sound of the dancing flames. and make circus style yells in there. like UP....EP ... OP....EP EP.... from the chest nice and short or perhaps......em what is the show rated?

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Posted:i guess it's a New Jersey thing?


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Posted:Start yelling things like..."No! No! Not that close...you'll burn my....Ahhhh!" Do it to well choreographed stuff so it makes sense to those watching as well.
You can also do the BellyDance trills (sounds much like when Xena did it) and things like that at high places in the routine.
Or if you really want to make it interesting, say things like...."Move your staff that way so I can slide in here this way" "No that won't work, your balls get in my way!" Literally, make an audible joke out of all your choreography, make it as dirty as you like, but within legal limits for the radio station!

You people have never heard of the Gong Show? Well, maybe you're too young. It was a show on in the late 70's early 80's where people would come on and do stupid stuff, or just perform. There was a panel of celebrity judges who would watch the act and then judge it by numerical rating, unless they thought you really sucked at which point they would bang this huge gong, defile your act and send you packing off the stage in shame. It was pretty funny what stupid stuff people would do, and even funnier when they were gonged for doing it!
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