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Posted:ok, so I've been working with a friend designing some fire flags and haven't been able to find any sites or posts that discuss this. plenty on flags, but no fire.

so we found this really thin lightweight material, that has a heat resistance higher then kevlar (can't think of the name off the top of my head) which works well for the flag material, and it looks great on fire, for about 2-5 seconds, then it goes out.

so we were wondering if anyone has done this before, and what they used. we've been thinking about some kevlar but cant find sheets of the kevlar/cotton blend, and we think it might be to heavy of a material for a good flowing flag.

any thoughts? ideas? suggestions?

if you could please help it would be much appreciated.

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Posted:For the style of dance/performance that I know of as "flags", the materials needs to be superthin and very light for the standard effect to be achieved.

The very nature of what is required means that the flag material is usually highly combustable. Soaking in any liquid, let alone fuel, will make the flags stick to each other and sag so it just won't look like normal flagging.

Be very careful using fire around these materials, it could all end in disaster without much chance of success either.

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Posted:ok, so here is something that i haven't tryed yet, but i think it will work. I have tryed twirling a towel, as if it was a flag, it helps if it is a damp towel... so anyways, instead of making the whole towel damp, just get the interior wet (leave about 4 inches of the boarder dry) now, soak 3 1/2 edges with fuel, then take the 1/2 of one long edge that is still dry and put water on it too. so, when you twirl it, hold onto it about 2/5 of the way down the long edge that you put water on... I think this should work. I know I can twirl a wet towel, the weight makes the towel spin out flat. and if the borders were fueled then you would be twirling a square. the reason not to light the whole thing on fire, is that there would be a BIG fire, way to big for safety I think.

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