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Posted:Ok, I was doing an act this weekend and I wanted to twirl my staff and then in the middle of the act pick up my pois.

Problem: the finger loops on my pois tend to collapse and I have to fiddle with the things to put them on. Not very exciting for the audience to watch a guy fumbling with his pois.

Solution: Before my act, I stuck some of those cylindrical earplugs in the finger loops. Then when I went to put the pois on, I just stuck my fingers through and the earplugs popped out. The whole switch, in mid-act, took about 5 seconds.


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Posted:I had the same 'collapsing' lung prob with a two handed butterfly -> one handed. My solution was different - it wa aqueous. the solution was to just get bigger nylon fingerloops! Juggle art can supply you them! they strong enuff to hold your weight.

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