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Posted:Just thinking....How about smoking pois?

I know you can get coloured smoke from some kind of safety tortch. Has anyone tried to play with something like this? or could you make your own "smokers"?

Have Fun.....

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Posted:probly.. that would be pretty cool.. like those planes that fly through the sky with coloured smoke behind them. good idea!
give it a go and let us know how you go!!!
I have no idea how youd go about it, but im sure its possible!

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Posted:haha, it made me think about silly string

put a rubber band around the tip, and swing it!


i like the smoke idea
might get kinda rank though, with all that smoke

what about fireworks, roman candles?

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Posted:Maybe the smoke would look pretty good if you had a fan. Because all of that smoke staying in one place would... well. Get to be just a giant black or colored cloud sitting where you are and get kinda pointless to move until the smoke clears.



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Posted:Has anyone seen smoke "bombs" that you can get from joke shops? You can get quite big ones that burn for a few minutes and chuck out a load of smoke. If these were in a metal container with holes in it, on the end of poi, that would probably work...?
You can also get a similar thing that you light as an SOS signal, not hand-held flares (that would just be nutz), but they are kind of similar, May be worth checking out...

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Posted:HA ha! I can just see all these hellycopters flying over trying to save this flare twirler.

or Native American idians rocking up saying "I came as soon as I saw your smoke signal!"

Nice idea though I reccon the smoke could get abit much though, perhaps you'd need a breathing mask???

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Posted:Tricky, the problem with those smoke bombs is that they REEK to high heaven.

Also they get very hot, so whatever you are using to hold them has to be heat-resistant.


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