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Posted:and it needs to be not online b/c i don't have a credit card

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Posted:Girl, you dont hafta buy a ball and chain!!! You got one right here,,,his name is organized kaos...Ill be your ball and chain anytime girl...

hehe just had to throw that in and now Im out...

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Posted:www.ballchain.com appears to only take credit cards however here at HOP can also accept Postal Money orders, International money orders, Bank drafts, Bank cheques and TT.

Adam from http://www.fire-gear.com/
may be able to help also.

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Posted:U could try rave/punk/sk8ter stores cus over here you can get ballchain wallet chains. for your wallet. Bead shops (the ones specialising in jewelry, not adult toys) are a good bet too cos metallic ballchain necklaces are all the rage in Timbuktu. the beadshop ones could be the best choice as they have funky coloured ones like bright hubcap red.

hope this yelps!

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Posted:You can get ballchain at any hardware store. I get mine from home depot for $0.69 a foot?




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Posted:I haven't seen a hardware store yet that has heavy enough ball-chain for firespinning, or the right connectors for attaching to your poi.

Also, never use the colored ball-chain. That's always aluminum, and falls apart very quickly (and dramatically).

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Posted:Sears hardware stores have heavey ball chain, and all the connectors you need.

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