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Posted:does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Location: Melbourne,Vic. Aust.
Member Since: 14th Dec 2000
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Posted:ok, how many?


Location: Bristol / London / Norwich / C...
Member Since: 9th Jan 2001
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Posted:Why do I get the feeling that this isn't going to be nice.peace out garbo
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be excellent to each other: safe:

Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Member Since: 16th Jan 2001
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Posted:Only 1......the 1 who poied the lightbulb out in the first place.....isn't it?------------------*WC*


Location: London, UK
Member Since: 12th Dec 2000
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Posted:haha i agree with WildChild having Poied out a couple of light bulbs myself!!!happy swingingSimos

Location: Pittsburgh, PA/ USA
Member Since: 3rd Jan 2001
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Posted:Huhn. My SO just "staffed" out the most expensive light bulb in the house. (One of the $7 flourescent ones.) I had to yell at him... "Couldn't you have gone after some of the $.49 ones???!!!" <giggle>

Posted:What do you mean, garbo, it's not going to be nice?
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I've got no punch line for this joke, but I knew you guys would come up with something funny.
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the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
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Posted:In my house it doesn't get replaced by the poi-er.....I am too busy swinging to care! It's the non-elements that do it for me (besides, it makes the boys feel useful
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).------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

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