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Location: Bloomington, IN, USA

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions with learning reverse moves? I just can't get my turns smooth without learning the reverse wave and I'm having a hard time learning it. Any suggestions?------------------Meteors Away!-Kuris

Meteors Away!-Kuris

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Practice, practice, practice.Also a search of previous topics should prove fruitfull. After that if you have any more specific questions they can be answered with greater ease and (hopefully) better advice.

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Imagine that you are doing a 3 beat weave - wait until your right hand poi swings downwards then turn your body 90 degrees to the right - that should get you started on reverse moves

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im trying to do the same, someone told me to just start swinging them staggered backwards, then when the left is down start pulling it over the right, the right goes over to your left side, then go back to swinging. then do it on the left side and put them together. its working slowly!

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Location: Bloomington, IN, USA

I tried that too...I dunno, I guess I'm just too uncoordinated. I kept smacking myself in the face, and since I use really heavy balls it gets kind of painful, not to metnion damaging to my glasses.

Meteors Away!-Kuris

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Hey! wow, i just got the reverse btb weave today!!
well, ok, i kind of got it, i still screw up a lot. basically, *take grain of salt* I would say first practice it with one hand at a time, when you think it's really easy to do that, then practice spinning each ball indivualdy (sp)on the side where your arm is crossed (it makes a world of difference, at least it did to me, once i got that down smoothly i foudn it pretty easy to do the btb weave..) and then, it should come together with a little.. practice! and more practice. And i break sunglasses and my head doing this all the time, it's fun isnt it?

lol, ok, so you meant regular reverse. oops. *blushes* I thin ki was just so stuck on those stupid btb moves...

hehe, ok, reverse.

first of all, i would make sure your side swings are smooth, or it'll mess you up really fast.
then, what i did for both weaves, is to start out doing each individual circle kind of slowly, and then let them put themselves together. i.e. first you do a circle with your crossed hand, then you do a circle with your open hand and cross it as you come down, then same with your crossed hand, etc, i know i'm explaining this really badly, basically ur just making everything go in slow motion at first and then speeding it up so it flows together. this is just what worked for me, it might not be for everyone, i'm a little weird...

feel free to kneal over in confusion.


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I just got the reverse weave tonight!!! (Though I just started tonight as well) Basically what I found works best is if you get the moves down with each hand individually first. Then, when you try them together, just focus on one hand and what it's doing, and let the other one just roll with the flow. I find focusing on my stronger hand works best. 'Under, over, out, under, over, out!!' Just keep focus on what one of your hands is doing and the other will eventually follow.
Hope that helps some!

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