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Posted:I dont know if any of you have tried this but ive just come across an old, but unused axe handle (the sort that lumberjacks use) and thought it would be good fun to 'give it a twirl'. It was WIKID!Its heavier toward one end so i used it more like a solid, single, extra long poi, doing pretty much the same moves too, but with the added advantage that i could twirl it like a staff from the centre point (albeit off balance) but i found that it didnt matter about the weight distribution. You can also do plenty of body placements and snakes etc...After a couple of days i found my muscles have beefed up and in turn has helped my staff and poi no end. Its definatly staying in my kit bag for the future. Give it a twirl - you might surprise yourself!just thinking - its kida like twirling a broadsword but not so 'bravehartish'.Gruff
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Posted:You should weave some kevlar rope around the axe part in a cross X
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make it Fire Axe Spinning.Sounds like a good idea... now I just have to find an axe or two.

Ouch! Eep! Damn Leg Hair stop getting in the way!