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Posted:Hey. I'm looking to build a double handed staff ( a staff so long it can only be twirled with two hands)...and Im considering putting three wicks on each end....anyone done this sort of thing before? It would look awesome im sure.Has anyone ever put multiple wicks on a staff or poi before? I did a search for it and found zip.cheers,lluhmasps. my electroglo staff arrived today. Is it supposed to light up bright blue the whole way down or die a little towards the middle?Its cool anyway...I love it.

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Posted:Check out the first circles of light video - there's someone using poi with 4 wicks on each chain! Also, the HoP shop sells double wick poi. J

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Posted:YES! leaving a gap really maximises the flame!e.g. 4" wicking on a staff gives half the flame of double 2" wicking on each end - provided that there's a gap between the double wicks!and yeas, electroglo does die heaps in the middle, hence the light catching plastic placed within the shaft to diffuse the light. What you can do is replace the 3V button batts every 10hours instead of 20hours. price vs. performance, dude!In Melbourne, it's like $6AU for 1 of those danged batts!!

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Posted:Yeah, I've made a triple-wicked staff. The overall length was 68"/172 cm, with the wicks spread out over about 14" at each end. I used 3" wicking at the tips, with 2" wicking for the inner bands. The thing is *really heavy*, but does create a nice effect. My own preference is for one big wick rather than several small ones. Even this beanpole *can* be worked with one hand, though.I also made 5-wicked poi, which were just ridiculous. I wouldn't do that again. Multi-wick poi have been discussed a lot here--do a search.

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Posted:I'm not sure how long you intend to make it lluhmas, but I have a 3 metre staff that can be twirled like a normal staff. It was made in our early days, and only has two wicks - curses to the lack of kevlar in those days.Bec and Elke have some fabulous long staff and poi with about 4-5 spaced wicks that look spectacular when they perform them on stilts.Most of the staffs we make these days have two wicks and are about 110-120cms long. More wicks gives you a longer burn time, particularly on a longer staff. Draevons also just finished construction of his quintuple (5) wicked stick which is very heavy. We usually put the wicks side by side, not spaced out.Of course when I say wick I mean a band of kevlar attached to the staff 5cms wide, so double wicked makes the total wick 10cms long - cause some people use wider wicking, and to them a single wick can be as big as 20cms.maeon

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Posted:yep - what maeon said... 3m long with 8 flames & on stilts - big fire & lots of fun!!!



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Posted:syill trying to recover the excitement I got watching the pics of Bec and Elke and their staff on stilts ... just a fan

wait a minute ... 3 meters is twice as big as me ... that's crazy big !!! or I am crazy small

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Posted:wemadesuper long poi fora friend on stilts... she could do some crazy legwraps!
tried making a staff with 2 foot long wicks on it. it worked wonderfully until the (silly me) aluminum rod heatet up and melted the gripping. yuk.
i believe in an old thread somewhere someone talks about a hoop with a bar in the middle(for a handle) and spokes comming off the hoop with little torches on the ends.