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Posted:I'm sorry everyone, I am new at this stuff, but i am clueless as to what meteors are, i started poi a month ago, and had glowsticks 2 months before that, but on this site, it doesn't give a good description of what meteors are. One more thing, do you put glowsticks in the practice poi? (the soft kind is what i'm talking about, i've got the hard thwacking kind --> now that teaches you how to get the hell outta the way). Thanks guys, i'm new sorry if this has already been asked, but yeah.-Saggy

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Posted:There is a link in the Glossary on this site for meteors click here for descriptionPeople can put glowsticks on outside of poi ball sets. I think inside the ball (if tennis ball) will give nil effect.All the bestMalcolm

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