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The Welcome Matt

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Posted:Ok, I'm making my first pair of fire poi. I have a few of the materials. I have a 100% cotton towel and the two chains.I am wondering what size eye bolts, washers, and buts I need. I looked at the size of bolts and they weren't that long. I don't that I would be able to have much of a wick if I used the smaller eye bolts.I think that these are all of my questions so far, but I bet there will be more.PS- I did a search on this, so no one can claim a point
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MATT------------------I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!

I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!

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Posted:I wouldn't bother trying to use eye bolts and washers on your wicks. Towel wicks are heavy enough without all those added metal bits and it seems like too much effort to put into temporary wicks anyway. I doubt making cathedral style towel wicks would be all that safe anyway if that's what you're planning. Towel wicks break down when burned and without some type of wire cage construction I think you'll end up with firey chunks of cotton flying all over the place after a couple burns. Check out the construction method at http://www.geocities.com/firepoi/
I'm sure there are other ways to make them but the roll and twist wire kind always worked well for me