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Posted:Let me put the cart way before the horse and ask a few questions about fire meteors (now that I actually own a pair of practice meteors... THANKS CASSI!)Yeah, yeah I've searched both here and on the world wide web as well... but I'm looking for answers from the "real" fire meteor using public, rather than the retailers.1) What's the best material to make the "chain" on the meteor from? I've seen aircraft cable but I thought that actual bead chain or loop chain would be cooler.2) Can I just quicklink two cathedral poi wicks onto a single chain? Or should meteor wicks be different?3) Where can I see some fire meteor video?4) Is there a more comprehensive meteor site out there?

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Posted:i like the ball chain because it gives you a grip even if it slips a little. i just clip on my poi head and go to town with that. what i usally do is put 1 small head and one big head so that my small one goes out really quick and i can lengthen it to do the wraps...

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Posted:I don't use meteors, so kill me if I am wrong...Don't you need a little more weight than a normal poi wick to be able to hold the tension in the chain of the meteor, for using like a staff? Would some sort of additional weights be a good idea?R.

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Posted:1. Ball chain is best but welded and smooth links are good (That way they don't scrape your hand). Depending on how you intend to use it you can always put a small section of rubber bike tube in the center if you are afraid of slippage.2. Standard cathedral wicks are weighty and work well, remember though, if you use a conciderably heavier chain than you use with standard poi wicks, you might want to up the weight and size of the wicks to account for the difference. (Upgrade from 3 inch to 4 inch or so).3. For wraps, COL1. Some Martial Arts movies but none come to mind. Try the book too, by Rhys Thomas.4. Not that I have ever come across, and I have looked. I'd be interested to hear about one too.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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