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Posted:I know there has generally been a bit of kerfuffle about getting MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for the fuels that are marketed to firetwirlers. Anyway, seeings as I was writing a fuels and safety section for the new incendium website, I did some research.Pyrewater is now called firesol. It is sold by Gooble Warming in Brisbane. If you call them, they are more than happy to fax a full MSDS through to you the next day. They were also happy to tell me over the phone that it was Pegasol 3440 so I could look it up on the internet.
in Melbourne supply the original firewater. They will provide an MSDS for firewater on request by faxing it through to you. It may also been online in the future.If you use (or if you intend to use) either of these fuels, I'd suggest you learn all you can about them. The Material Data Safety Sheets should have everything you need to know. If you have problems obtaining an MSDS from any fuel supplier, drop me an email.I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me on the Fuels and Safety section www.incendium.orgIt only cost me an hour of interstate phone calls ...maeon

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Posted:Thanks for your info, Maeon. Much appreciated. Also good to hear there are some straight-up people who sell Pegasol under a different name.I use Pegasol a lot for paid performances.It's full name is Pegasol 3440 Special. This is very important, as there are other fuels with different characteristics that are also called Pegasol.I have heard of several people selling "a specially developed fuel for fire-arts" and know that at least a few of them are simply rebranding Pegasol. This isn't illegal or unethical if they are selling it as a good fuel for fire-arts, but if they are claiming to have designed it themselves or that you can't get it anywhere else, then they should be liable for criminal charges.If a company doesn't supply an MSDS when asked or says they don't have one shoould not be supplying fuel for any form of fire arts, and especially breathing.Thanks again, Maeon!
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Posted:Thanks for the info maeon. Just checked out your web site, and, it might just be me (it usually is
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), the links on the fuels and safety page don't seem to be working.....ade


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Posted:I wonder if they will also supply a Certificate of Analysis if we ask for it. X3 Then we'd know its exact makeup, and the tolerated levels of any impurities in it. Somehow I doubt they'd be prepared to meet that request.


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Posted:thanks for more info on fuels,- been using kerosene and feel 'poisoned'(feels like i have a hangover, breathing less easily,dehydrated, water retention under eyes etc) by the fumes after several burns with it. (7 in a row)I assume the cleaner burning fuels are less bad for your body or are they all toxic to some extent. Any one know I'd appreciate hearing from them.Starting to think its better to just do less burns at once, I wanted to get used to doing moves with fire,which I am now :)Its a little bit addictive...
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